Large Data & Document Cases



In the current legal environment, businesses and organizations often need to analyze massive amounts of electronic data. The Valuation and Litigation Consulting Group at Jackson Thornton has the necessary capabilities to move these large data cases forward. We’ve dedicated state-of-the-art processors and vast storage capacity solely to large data cases for rapid data loading and processing. Yet these forensic accounting tools are only as strong as the knowledge and experience that wield them. Our team of professionals can accurately analyze the data, compute complex calculations and produce clear, concise and crucial information for our clients. With that information in hand, we prepare and present substantive exhibits for trial.



How do you bring order out of chaos? The professionals in the Jackson Thornton Valuation and Litigation Consulting Group have the knowledge and experience you need to help achieve order and clarity in complex situations. We can review and analyze your documents, from bank statements, tax returns and brokerage account statements to letters and e-mails, and track the “paper trail” to identify exactly what actions were taken when, by whom. Regardless of the volume of documents involved, we’ll make sense of it all, and communicate our findings precisely and logically. If needed, we can even further refine those results into exhibits that can prove useful for trial or mediation.


Jackson Thornton Valuation and Litigation Consulting Group is an affiliate of Jackson Thornton Certified Public Accountants and Consultants.